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Ironman4x4 is an Australian brand and has a diversity in off-roading items such as suspension, bumpers, roof racks, led lights and many more items. These items are made especially for comfort, protection and a great driving experience on your outdoor and offroad trip.

The Ironman4x4 Offroad Lifestyle

Ironman4x4 is a brand that has items for all 4x4 models. These offroad items will give you the best experience and guarantee safety along the way.

Ironman4x4 Lights and Led bars Providing a variety of lighting options, Ironman 4x4’s Driving light range gives excellent illumination to light up your nights sky. Designed to meet the needs of on-road and off-road driving, the lights are designed to provide a long beam of light to see what’s on the road or track ahead. No need to worry about river crossing, the durable casing can handle submersion and high-pressure water blasts.

Ironman4x4 Suspension

The Ironman 4x4 Nitro Gas Shocks provide exceptional performance for both standard and raised height 4x4’s whilst delivering superior ride control and comfort both on and off-road. Improve stability when towing or carrying a load.

Foam Cell and Foam Cell Pro provides exceptional ride quality, stability, and handling both on and off-road. Built around superior strength and durability at a great value, Foam Cell Pro saves you money to put into the fuel tank so you can get out and explore.

Ironman4x4 Protection

When travelling in rural or remote areas, bull bars are critical to ensuring you are further protected from animal strikes. Ironman 4×4 bull bars are constructed from the highest quality SPHC oil and pickled steel, providing increased protection for the most vulnerable area of your car, and protecting key mechanical components. Ironman4x4 has different types of bull bars and towbars in stock for any 4x4 model.

Ironman4x4 Underbody Protection

Ironman 4x4's roadsafe Underbody Protection Plates provide the protection your vehicle needs from obstacles such as rocks, logs, bumps and scrapes.

Ironman4x4 Recovery Kits

Ideal for snatch recoveries, the Small Recovery Kit complies with Australian Standards and is field-tested in real-life recovery situations. The kit comes with all the basics needed for a safe snatch recovery, conveniently stored in its own carry bag.

Explore your new adventure and rent our Ironman4x4 Prado Rent our fully equipped Ironman4x4 prado with all the Ironman4x4 overlanding items in your vehicle

• Ironman4x4 Fridge Freezer

• Ironman4x4 camping chairs

• Ironman4x4 Roofttop tent

• Cooking set

• Picnic set

• and much more