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Ironman4x4 was originally established in 1958, as a Melbourne based suspension parts manufacturer, named Jacob Spring Works. The company in 1982 took shape as JSW Parts, (short for Jacob Spring Works) to design and supply leaf and coil springs for cars, trucks, buses and 4x4 vehicles. JSW Parts soon became well known as a manufacturer and supplier of suspension parts all around the world. 

In 1988 JSW Parts launched the Ironman 4x4 brand of springs and suspension poarts in response to the increasing popularity of 4x4 vehicles, reconizing the standard suspension systems alone were not designed to cope with additional loads of full bars, winches and extra fuel tanks. 

Driven by explosive sales 4x4's , in 2004 the Ironman 4x4 range of products expanded quickly to meet the demand of off road users seeking solutions which would allow their vehichles to go off road loaded with accessories such as winches, recovery equipment, protective bars , canopies , lightning and electrical upgrades. 

Today the vast continent of Australia serves as the perfect testing ground for Ironman 4x4 products, so whether crossing the outback in search of adventure or just driving the children to school in your local suburb, Ironman 4x4 can offer quality and value for money. 

Ironman 4x4 opened her doors in Suriname on the 1st of September 2021.

Explore the word of Ironman4x4 and enjoy your next camping trip with your friend and family.